Downstream Operations


Forte Oil operates in the downstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry as a foremost indigenous petroleum marketing company with a strategic network of 500 retail outlets in the 36 states of Nigeria and the capital city of Abuja.   The Company markets premium motor spirit (PMS), automotive gas oil (Diesel), dual purpose kerosene (DPK), fuel oils and Jet A-1 fuel amongst others.

Forte Oil's downstream has an extended operations in Ghana under the trade name APOG Oil & Gas.

Non- Fuel Revenue

Forte Oil Plc aims to provide its customers the most dynamic shopping experience at its retail outlets through partnership with leading brands, providing diverse product mix beyond the sale of petroleum products. Such services include Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Telecommunication Support, Banking Services, Light-Weight Auto Repairs etc.


As a Company we place special emphasis on the varied needs of our customers, Forte Oil produces and distributes a vast range of quality lubricants brands to satisfy various automotive and industrial lubrication requirements.

Over the years, our automotive engines oils, Super V and Visco 2000, continue to serve as Nigeria's preferred engine oil. Forte Oil Plc leverages its British Petroleum (BP) heritage till date for quality lubricants production at its 50,000 metric tonnes lubricating oil blending plant at Apapa in Lagos for the benefit of its customers.

Our newly introduced fully synthetic lubricant-SYNTH 10000 equally provides a resonate experience for new generation car users. 


Forte Oil prides itself in delivering prompt, quality and effective services to customers nationwide and its operations encompasses this strategic business division which takes delivery of special marine supplies/sales to petroleum upstream companies, and sells full range of petroleum products to industrial and commercial corporates, government agencies and multilateral organisations.

It also markets high quality industrial, organic and petro-chemicals to local industries.  Some of the chemical products include: Hexane, DOP, Polyol, Acetone, Calcium Hydrochloride, Isopropyl Alcohol, etc.

Aviation (Air FO)

Forte Oil is also a major player in aircraft refuelling operations dating back to 1959 when it operated as 'Air BP'. Today, the business, which operates under the brand 'Air FO', is fully committed to provide prompt and efficient refuelling services for airlines directly at its wholly owned Aviation Fuel Storage facility in Ikeja, Lagos or indirectly through joint fuelling consortium at major airports in Kano, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. Air FO also offers bulk aviation fuel delivery services to independent aircraft operators across Nigeria's major airports.

Forte Oil’s downstream petroleum operations extend to Ghana, where its subsidiary, AP Oil and Gas Ghana Limited (APOG) maintains a significant network of retail outlets.  This is in line with Forte Oil’s regional expansion plans into the West African markets such as Liberia, Togo and Sierra Leone leveraging Ghana as its hub.
AP Oil and Gas Ghana Limited (APOG) commenced operations in July 2008.