Forte Oil plc (The Company) affirms its commitment and desire to continue to adhere to the principles of excellent corporate governance practices in recognition of the fact that these principles are the bedrock for building and sustaining an endurable institution that guarantees profitability and professionalism.

The Corporate Governance principles of the Company were formally codified in line with the recommendations of SEC and in accordance with its Code as a publicly quoted company. We strive to carry out our business operations on the principles of integrity and professionalism whilst enhancing shareholders value through transparent conduct, established due processes and in accordance with international best practices at all times.

All of our corporate governance practices have been put together in one document as the Corporate Governance framework in Forte Oil PLC.

Board of Directors

  • Femi Otedola (CON) - Chairman
  • Akin Akinfemiwa - Executive Director 
  • Julius Omodayo-Owotuga - Executive Director 
  • Christoper Adeyemi  - Non Executive Director
  • Anil Dua  - Independent Non Executive Director
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Mairo Mandara  - Independent Non Executive Director
  • Nicolaas A. Vervelde  - Independent Non Executive Director
  • Mrs. Salamatu Suleiman  - Independent Non Executive Director

Board Risk Management Committee          

  • Anil Dua - Chairman
  • Julius Omodayo-Owotuga - Member
  • Akin Akinfemiwa - Member
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Mairo Mandara - Member 

Board Finance & Strategy Committee

  • Nicolaas A. Vervelde  - Chairman 
  • Christoper Adeyemi - Member 
  • Akin Akinfemiwa - Member
  • Julius Omodayo-Owotuga - Member 

Board Audit Committee

  • Tokunbo Shofolawe-Bakare - Chairman
  • Suleman Ahmed - Member
  • Emmanuel Okoro - Member
  • Christopher Adeyemi - Member
  • Mrs. Salamatu Suleiman - Member 
  • Anil Dua - Member

Board Corporate Governance and Remuneration Committee

  • Christoper Adeyemi  - Chairman
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Mairo Mandara - Member 
  • Mrs. Salamatu Suleiman - Member 




Governance at Forte Oil PLC
Corporate Governance Framework
Corporate Governance Guidelines
Share Trading Policy
Brands & Corporate Communications Policy
Whistleblowing Policy